Feeling Dizzy: Adjusting To Life With Bifocals

New glasses always take some getting used to, but if you're moving from standard lenses to bifocals, it can be a little trickier to get settled with your new glasses. Some people experience a sort of dizziness when they first get bifocals. This can range from mild dizziness to all-out vertigo, complete with nausea and a loss of balance. If you feel "off-balance" in your new bifocal lenses, or if you're worried you might not take to them as well as you should, these tips should help you feel better, fast.

What Should You Look For In Men's Eyeglasses?

Although a lot of importance is placed on women's eyeglasses fashion, looking good in frames is just as important to men. To find the right pair of glasses for your face, you have to understand its shape and how certain types of frames can complement your appearance. To help you get started on your search for the right glasses, here are some considerations to make when shopping.  What Shape Is Your Face?

Prescription Safety Glasses: 3 Ways They Can Incease Safety In The Workplace

Workplace eye injuries are very common. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, roughly 300,000 American workers visit the emergency room after suffering a work-related eye injury. The proper eye gear can help prevent over 90 percent of eye injuries that are serious in nature. However, wearing appropriate eye protection can be a bit more difficult when you need to wear prescription glasses. Luckily, safety goggles can be purchased with a prescription, and here's how they can help keep you safer at work:

How Vision Therapy Can Help Your Child Learn

It is estimated that up to 25 percent of children, from kindergarten to grade 6, have some form of vision problem. This may not be detected in vision screening tests that are normally done before a child begins school each year as those tests usually test acuity. Therefore a result of 20/20 vision does not mean that your child may not have a vision problem that could affect their learning. In fact, your child could still have a number of visual disorders such as convergence insufficiency disorder (a leading cause of eyestrain), near-far distance accommodation issues, myopia or visual tracking problems.

3 Numbers That Emphasize the Importance of Regular Eye Exams for Diabetics

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor has probably emphasized the importance of regular eye exams. Diabetics are at an increased risk for a condition called retinopathy, in which the blood vessels in the light-sensitive tissues of the eye become damaged. Unfortunately, a lot of patients fail to take their doctors' recommendations seriously and skip their regular eye exams. Early-stage retinopathy shows few symptoms, so really the only way to know if you're developing it is to visit your eye doctor.